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Why we shop local #shoplocal

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Time for something that is really important to us, and why we choose to shop local.

We are so lucky here in Cornwall to be surrounded by an amazing wealth of high quality, locally produced goods. Whether it be food, drinks, art, pottery, furniture … the list goes on. It’s the same all over the UK, and we really need to start taking advantage of this amazing wealth of skills on our doorstep.

Watching Blue Planet II on Sunday, I’m sure we were all shocked by the sight of container ships crossing the world’s oceans. We know it happens, we may even shop from China, but seeing the size of those vessels, and their loads, made it seem so ridiculous, and unnecessary. Somehow, at some point, we decided that it was ok to ship goods thousands of miles across the globe, regardless of the destruction caused along the way – and regardless of the fact that we have perfectly good (read, amazing) products, right here on our doorstep.

We are a small business, and I can guarantee, that someone here (usually me or the dog!) does a happy dance every time we get a booking. And that happens in small businesses across the UK every day. The more we buy from local suppliers, the healthier local economy we live in. It really is that simple.

We buy from a variety of local producers and I’m going to use this as an opportunity to showcase each of them individually over the next few weeks.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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